• Dropbox’s Mailbox App is Officially Dead
    [March 1, 2016] In December, Dropbox announced that it would shut down Carousel and Mailbox on March 31st and February 26 respectively. Well, that second date is here, and it’s officially time to bid Mailbox farewell. Many are sad to see it go, though Dropbox notes that some key features and ideas from both are being built into […]
  • Cast Functionality Being Added Into Chrome
    [January 19, 2016] Google appears to be in the early stages of making its cast technology part of its Chrome browser. Currently, Chromecast users have to use the Google Cast extension to be able to cast browser tabs, but may change in future versions of Chrome. Google Chromium evangelist François Beaufort writes on Google+ (via The Verge): The […]
  • New High-Speed Editor for WordPress.com
    [December 1, 2015] WordPress.com announced that it now has a new editor that’s faster and cleaner. According to the people behind it, it’s fast, responsive, and lets you create posts and pages more quickly both on desktop and mobile. According to WordPress.com, the new editor includes instant saving and quick sharing. You can easily manage posts regardless of […]
  • Apple Now Sued Over Their Data Draining WI-FI Feature
    [October 27, 2015] Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 9, shipped with a pretty cool new feature. It’s called Wi-Fi assist, and it automatically switches you over to cellular data when Wi-Fi connectivity is weak. Apple products hold on to whatever Wi-Fi you’re connected to pretty well. The signal might be terrible, but iOS will cling to any […]
  • Windows Users Get A New Mail App From Yahoo
    [September 24, 2015] Yahoo announced the launch of a new Yahoo Mail app for Windows 10, which is now available in the Windows Store. The app includes real-time notifications, and lets you see snippets of your latest messages with Live Tile.
  • Web Bookmarking Comes to Dropbox
    [August 25, 2015] Dropbox made an interesting announcement on Wednesday in that you can now drag and drop web URLs into Dropbox on the web and desktop and open them on any device.
  • WordPress Revamped Its Video Feature
    [July 21, 2015] Automattic announced a big update to VideoPress, its service that powers videos on WordPress.com and Jetpack-connected self-hosted WordPress sites.
  • Chrome Attempts To Assist With Flash Laptop Battery Drain
    [June 10, 2015] Google made a pretty interesting and unexpected announcement about how Chrome will start working to save the battery life of your laptop. How will it do this? By pausing Flash.
  • Is Technology Going From Useful to Scary?
    [May 12, 2015] This was an exciting episode of Jay Today to record, as it chronicles the initial trial run with my brand new Amazon Echo. It’s a new consumer product from Amazon at a price point of $99 (note: now $149). It plugs into the wall and connects to your Wi-Fi. Essentially, it’s like Siri, but better […]
  • Dropbox and Microsoft Partnership Adds Additional Features
    [April 14, 2015] Last fall, Microsoft and Dropbox partnered up on Office integration. Now, the companies are taking their partnership a little further. The two announced a new integration that allows users to edit their Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents in Dropbox using Office Online on the web.
  • Google Contacts Receives Major Changes
    [March 11, 2015] Google just released a preview of its new Contacts experience, which comes across as a major upgrade right off the bat, unlike other recent next-generation email-relatedofferings from the company.
  • iOS Users Can Now Use Microsoft Office Storage Options
    [February 19, 2015] Microsoft just announced a new Cloud Storage Partner Program for Office, enabling third-party storage providers such as Box, Citrix ShareFile and Salesforce to connect their services to Office Online for document viewing and editing.
  • Get $6 Google Play Credit if You Buy a Chromecast
    [February 12, 2015] It’s never been a better time to own a Chromecast, Google’s $35 streaming device. Not only does the functionality of the device continue to improve thanks to updates from Google as well as increased support by third-party apps, but Google is actually giving away $6 in Google Play credit to users, apparently for Valentine’s Day.
  • Latest Firefox Update Improves Upon Video Chat
    [January 15, 2015] Mozilla just launched Firefox 35, which includes improvements to its video chat offering. Firefox Hello was first introduced in testing in October. New functionality has been added to make it available for primetime in Firefox 35. Mozila is dubbing it “a simpler way to communicate”. It lets you make video calls to anyone using a […]
  • iOS Version of Firefox Coming Soon
    [December 11, 2014] A lot of things seem to be changing in Firefox Land since CEO Chris Beard took over this year. Recently, Mozillaannounced a five-year partnership with Yahoo, which sees the search engine replacing Google as the default search experience in the Firefox web browser in the U.S.
  • You Can Now Launch Desktop App In Chrome With Google Drive
    [November 13, 2014] Google announced that Google Drive will now let you launch applications from your desktop computer in the Chrome browser. You’ll need a Chrome extension for it, but this is certainly a welcome addition to Drive users looking for increased productivity from within.
  • Apple Provides Details About Next iPad Event
    [October 15, 2014] It’s been way too long, says Apple. It’s really only been a year, but ok, we’ll bite. As rumored, Apple will hold their next big media event on October 16. Invites just went out, and as usual, it’s not too forthcoming with the details.
  • iOS Google Drive Receives Upload Experience Facelift
    [September 11, 2014] Google has launched an update for the Google Drive app on iOS. Among new features are faster syncing and a new upload experience that shows progress and file destination.
  • Yahoo Receives Better Email Encryption
    [August 14, 2014] Yahoo security chief Alex Stamos announced on Thursday that by sometime next year, Yahoo Mail will be encrypted end-to-end, and will be compatible with end-to-end encryption in Gmail.
  • Microsoft Is Planning To Offer A Single Operating System Across All Platforms
    [July 24, 2014] At some point in the future, Microsoft will offer its users a single operating system experience across all screens, making things a lot easier on application developers. Rather than having to worry about developing apps for Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox all separately, they’ll just be able to develop apps for this singular platform.
  • Every Company is a Cloud Company: The Relationship Between Technology and the Future of Business
    [June 19, 2014] People first. That’s where this discussion begins. My guest on this episode of Revolution is NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson. For running one of the leading companies in the cloud business software game, Nelson is among the more grounded and sincere technology executives I’ve sat down with in quite a while. We didn’t discuss innovation, speeds […]
  • Microsoft’s Thin Surface Pro 3 Integrates Features For IT Professionals
    [May 29, 2014] Microsoft introduced the Surface Pro 3 tablet on Tuesday. It’s actually a tablet and laptop in one with multiple processor, RAM and storage options. For those of you who like it thin, it’s 30% thinner than an 11-inch MacBook Air. It also happens to be the company’s biggest tablet to date. The Surface Pro 3 […]
  • Mozilla Boasts “Ability to Customize” In Latest Firefox Update
    [May 1, 2014] Mozilla announced the launch of Firefox 29, which it calls its most customizable Firefox ever. It includes a new design, a customization mode, a new Firefox menu, new bookmarks, a new add-on manager, and enhanced sync powered by Firefox Accounts.
  • Tech Startup Scene in Kansas City Is Red Hot!
    [March 20, 2014] Lots of tech start-up activity is taking place in Kansas City, home of Duct Tape Marketing, the Kauffman Foundation and the first city to receive Google Fiber in late 2012 in an estimated half billion dollar investment. Long referred to as the “Silicon Prairie,” Kansas City is quietly making its mark as a great place […]
  • Pre-Orders For MakerBot’s Replicator Now Starting
    [February 27, 2014] At CES 2014, MakerBot unveiled three new 3D printers – the Replicator, the Replicator Mini and the Replicator Z18. The Replicator Desktop 3D printer is already available, but the other two would launch later in the year.